We believe in staying ahead of how commerce is transacted. In a world in which cash and checks are rapidly disappearing, we develop highly creative payment strategies for our commercial customers. The whole point is to continually offer new ways to move money more efficiently and profitably.
- Chuck Crawford
SVP, Payment Acceptance Group

Acquiring Solutions

The good news is that an increasingly paperless society seems to offer speedier, more efficient ways of doing business. And in most cases, it does just that. But it also brings with it the need to create innovative, flexible new payment paths for ease of use, security, accuracy, and convergence with customer branding.

In order to achieve this level of service delivery, it is critical that a payment processing resource offers both outstanding technology infrastructure as well as proven sophistication in financial services. In fact, the ideal partner would be a leading commercial bank fully conversant with the efficient, profitable movement of monies on an electronic basis. And that sounds like The Bancorp Bank.     

We make it possible for growing mid-market companies to take advantage of today's most advanced, seamless payment processes through our customized technology solutions for non-bank companies, without incurring the expense or demands of chartering their own bank.

From medical collections to cell phone bill payments to online shopping—and an ever-widening array of other electronic commerce needs—we are staying ahead of the curve and increasing our footprint in this new and exciting space.