Today's marketplace—for any business—is extremely competitive. By offering the best products and services under your own name, via your own customized online bank, you can erect an electronic fence around critical customer relationships.
- Frank Mastrangelo

Institutional Banking

The Bancorp’s innovative structure of affinity relationships within the wealth management market is second to none and serves as a model for private-label branding stewardship in the financial services industry. 

Private-label banking involves the creation and operation of custom-branded banks for our clients, who profit from offering a broad range of premium deposit and lending services under their name. Our flagship program, tailored specifically for the wealth market, is an innovative cash management functionality that seamlessly links traditional bank accounts with the investment services our clients provide. Add our sophisticated securities-backed lending capacity, and the combination represents a front line for truly integrated financial services.

It’s all value-added and brand-reinforcing and just what’s needed to operate successfully in today’s world – as well as in tomorrow’s. We pose no threat to crucial customer relationships, and we are committed to providing products and services that help our clients energize their customer base and attract new prospects. We enhance the depth of our clients’ offering, augment efficiencies, streamline transactions and build the private-label brand as if it were our own.

For more information, please contact: 

Bill Cassidy
SVP, Institutional Banking
+1 215.861.7979