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A Securities-Backed Line of Credit (SBLOC) gives you the freedom to access the value of your investment portfolio without disrupting any of the investments within it. You can use an SBLOC for almost anything: a real estate purchase, a tax bill, tuition payment – anything, in fact, except the purchase of additional securities. An SBLOC will give you the liquidity you want – quickly, easily and seamlessly – for the opportunities your life presents you with.

Your Portfolio Remains Intact

Put simply, an SBLOC allows you to borrow against the value of the securities in your portfolio – the individual investments you’ve made will remain untouched. Your new liquidity comes without disrupting your carefully crafted investment strategy or asset allocations – and it’s created without any unexpected tax consequences for you.

Convenient Access

You access your new SBLOC with personalized checks or free wire transfers anytime you need funds.

You’re In Control of Your Funds

Information about your SBLOC is available on our web site, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more detailed information, our expert SBLOC team is available to assist clients by phone, Monday through Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm, ET.


• Provides access to funds while your investment strategy remains untouched.

• A perpetual, interest-only revolving credit line backed by securities held in your investment portfolio.

• Similar in structure to a margin loan.

• Available to individuals, trusts and entities (entity process/pricing may differ).

• No income verification for individuals.

• Minimum line of credit of $75,000.

• Maximum line of credit of $70,000,000.

• No application, annual or monthly fees, or charge for portion of line not in use.

• Eliminates the potential tax consequences of liquidating assets.

• Convenient and fast access to liquidity through check or wire.

• Simple application and underwriting process.

• May be used for multiple purposes

-        Purchase/fund a real estate investment

-        Pay off an existing margin loan

-        Acquire or invest in a business

-        Pay large expenses (wedding, etc.)

-        Taxes

-        College Tuition



To qualify for an SBLOC, the securities within your portfolio must meet the following eligibility requirements:

Equity Securities and Mutual Funds must:

-        Be traded on a major exchange market: NYSE, AMEX or NASDAQ.

-        Have an available daily market price.

-        Have a share price above $5.00.

-        Have satisfactory, restriction-free market liquidity.

-        Have no restrictions on transfer.

-        Not be a security issued by The Bancorp Bank.

Similarly, Fixed-Income Securities must:

-        Be assigned an investment-grade credit rating.-

-        Have satisfactory market liquidity.

-        Have no restrictions on liquidation or transfer.

-        Not be a security issued by The Bancorp Bank.