As healthcare costs continue to soar, there is a new and urgent need to apply banking efficiencies and technology solutions to commercial and consumer healthcare transactions. Our leadership in this area has generated profound cost-savings in claims processing and has increased enrollment in consumer-directed healthcare solutions for our clients.
- Jill Kelly
Senior Vice President

Healthcare Solutions

A Look at Consumer Use,
Future Opportunities

Since their debut, HSAs continue to evolve as an integral component of consumer-directed healthcare. This white paper takes a look at which consumers are using them, how they are using them, and the untapped potential of the market.



The Bancorp has an unparalleled ability to help regional and small to mid-size carriers, Third Party Administrators (TPAs) and benefits administrators develop and leverage the types of Healthcare Solutions platforms, processes and products typically available to only much larger players.

The array we offer includes Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), employee benefit cards and electronic remittance payment processing, among other programs.

Although offerings such as these are not in and of themselves unique, The Bancorp delivers a whole new level of service, integration and communication to its clients; all the solutions we offer are backed by expert client support services, 24/7 Customer Care, and exceptional training programs for both our clients and their account holders. And because what we do functions within our private-label structure, these benefits accrue to each client’s brand.

As a result, The Bancorp Bank--a financial institution of The Bancorp--ranks among the nation’s “Top 10” HSA Administrators and is the “#1 Benefit Card Issuer”.

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Jill Kelly
Senior Vice President
Healthcare Solutions