Card Operations Analyst


Provide operational support of client programs by managing departmental processes, ensuring adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements. Report department activities to the AVP, Manager of Card Operations on a regular basis.


  1. Monitor a variety of reports to identify parameter violations, regulatory violations and/or potential fraud. Review the account and complete an unusual activity report.
  2. Review and process levies, garnishments and subpoenas with restraining orders. Provide responses to any findings identified by The Bancorp Legal Department in the monthly audit. Remove funds and issue checks for subpoenas or seizure of funds.
  3. Review and process letters of indemnity and other ACH inquiries including potentially removing the funds from the account and keying the ACH returns through an internal application.
  4. Review death notification entries to ensure accounts are closed. If funds need to be returned to The United States Treasury in accordance with NACHA Operating Rules also remove funds from the account and key the ACH return.  
  5. Process requests from cardholders and clients to issue a check for the remaining balance on an account. Remove funds and assess a fee with the correct transaction code and description per the cardholder agreement. Research and respond to check research requests including requesting a stop payment and issuing a replacement check if the check hasn’t been cashed. Review power of attorney and death certificates in conjunction with requests for funds issued to a party other than the cardholder.
  6. Provide agent bank support to the retail banks issuing cards through The Bancorp Bank agent bank program including the implementation of any new agent banks, password resets, training, troubleshooting card sales issues, researching card order issues and researching billing discrepancies. Escalate issues as necessary.
  7. Process card requests for the Retail Bank programs in accordance with the details within the request in a timely and accurate manner. Review daily reports to ensure card orders were processed correctly.
  8. Build batch files to remove funds for escheatment monthly. Collaborate with The Card Operations Control Coordinator and The Reconciliation Department on any discrepancies. Review requests to reverse escheatment withdrawals to ensure the funds are still available to return prior to reloading any cardholder accounts or issuing a check.
  9. Review written statements of authorized debits to ensure they are completed in accordance with the NACHA Operating Rules prior to fulfilling a client’s request to return an ACH. Ensure the correct ACH return reason is used based on the SEC and timeframes.
  10. Review and respond to asset verification requests from The Social Security Administration and Medicaid in a timely manner. Research and respond to address verification requests from The Social Security Administration.
  11. Upload batch files to processor for prepaid client after confirming funding has been received. Convert files from prepaid client into approved batch file specifications and upload to processor for funds removal requests.
  12. Review and respond to debit letter and invoices from money service business partners such as Western Union.
  13. Log returned card plastics for reporting provided to The Bancorp Bank Billing Department. Provide clients reporting of returned card plastics per the agreed upon schedule.
  14. Facilitate side by side training as needed to ensure that all staff is adequately trained to perform their job functions and backups are cross-trained.



Other Qualifications:

The Bancorp is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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