Program Sponsorship

The Bancorp is the first bank to fully operationalize prepaid debit and credit card sponsorship and private-label banking on a large scale. Backed by over 15 years of experience, our industry-leading Fintech Solutions business has become the prepaid card-issuing bank for some of the world’s most successful fintechs and nonbank financial services companies. More importantly, we have differentiated our service offering by combining the latest payment technologies with a dedicated client support model and an unrivaled regulatory and compliance infrastructure.

Industry-Leading Capabilities

Breadth of Product Expertise

We have unparalleled issuance capabilities across all prepaid and debit product categories, from supporting challenger bank products to single-use virtual cards.

Gold-Standard Regulatory Infrastructure

We are the essential partner. Our partners benefit from our extensive compliance and risk programs while also enabling payments innovation.  

Financial Strength and Scalability

Our financial strength ensures scalability, so our partners have the room to grow without worrying about bank capital constraints.

Dedicated Client Support

Our client engagement team supports our partners throughout the process. From day-to-day operations to finding new ways to innovate, we are by your side.

Real-Time Funds Deposit

Our Rapid Funds Transfer platform enables funds to be deposited to our card products in real time, 24/7/365.

A Payments Pioneer

The Bancorp is the largest issuer of prepaid card transaction volume in the nation.1

We are the 6th largest issuer of debit card transaction volume in the nation.2

Overall top issuer of commercial cards in the nation.3

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