Data Analyst II


Provide AML & Fraud expertise and direction as it pertains to internal reporting, client program parameters, and daily functions of associates. Work through daily reporting to identify cardholder activity that violates the banks procedures specific to suspicious activity monitoring and make tuning enhancement recommendations for increased effectiveness. Provide operational support of client programs by managing daily departmental processes, ensuring adherence to compliance and regulatory requirements.


Essential Functions

  1. Evaluates the needs of individual programs relating to the detection and prevention of money laundering and fraud.  Make recommended change requests and escalate change requests of new and existing reports related to the monitoring process as needed.
  2. Designs, tests, and implements fraud reporting and fraud alerts with various systems and raw data to detect and prevent money laundering and fraud events.
  3. Facilitates side by side training as needed to ensure that all staff is adequately trained to perform their job functions.
  4. Completes and provides proper documentation with respect to monitoring reports.
  5. Reviews alerts from various reports, compare the activity from the generated alert to the activity taking place on the account within various processor systems. Work with new and existing systems for population of data identified through work queues.
  6. Flags accounts with suspicious behavior and alert the FCRM team of incidents in accordance with the banks procedures for monitoring unusual activity. Complete Unusual Activity Referral forms and submit them to FCRM.
  7. Reviews accounts within various processor system and note the accounts accurately with resolution to blocked accounts in accordance with bank procedure. 
  8. Works with internal staff to complete sections of “Virtual Program Overviews” where fulfillment of field population prevents work from being accomplished in integrated systems.
  9. Manages the ACH Tran Code Creation Tool so that reporting built from that system’s data mapping is accurate.
  10. Runs reports in “My Card Data” to identify incomplete Virtual Program Overviews. Complete sections of the VPOs as needed.
  11. Works Alerts in “My Card Data” relative to parameter violations. Work with the Relationship Managers to determine if violations were the result of inaccurate Virtual Program Overviews, or if the program manager is out of compliance with the approved program parameters.
  12. Downloads all Compromised Card Notifications from Visa, MasterCard, and Discover Networks and upload those lists along with the description of the Compromise Notifications into the Compromised Card tool. Partner with the Relationship Managers to identify Compromise Card Contacts and whitelisted IP addresses where applicable in cases where notifications cannot be uploaded without the population of such fields.
  13. Documents and updates internal department procedures to ensure an accurate record exists for audit, reference and training. Write procedures for new systems, systems elevations and system changes.  Draft new rules, queries, and associated process and procedural changes necessitated by new or existing automation and applications. Update existing processes and procedures as needed.  Communicate new procedures to affected internal parties.  Train others as needed.
  14. Tests process modifications and new processes in new and existing systems to ensure that the data entry, maintenance, and reporting processes work smoothly and efficiently. Ensure the quality of the workflow design through the testing and feedback process.
  15. Acts as the business subject matter expert on the systems projects.
  16. Provides status updates to management regularly detailing implementation schedules, progress, issues and concerns.
  17. Processes Letters of Indemnity, levies, garnishments, and reclamations. Receive requests and track and/or update accounts as needed.
  18. Gathers documentation for subpoenas and forward to requesting areas. Note any issues with locating documentation.
  19. Acts as the system administrator or bank teller support for the assigned card programs and/or customers. Perform a variety of activities including handling users ID resets, card sales and card loading issues.
  20. Develops close working relationships with the Card Operations Control Coordinators to collaborate on problem solving for clients. Assist Operations Control Coordinators with various daily, weekly and monthly processes.
  21. Prepares MasterCard SAFE reporting.
  22. Performs routine monitoring of various operational reports for internal and regulatory compliance. Escalate issues and concerns to the risk and compliance team for further action.  Participate in established compliance training and educational programs to maintain currency and awareness of regulatory rules, standards, and procedures.
  23. Assists with the integration and configuration of real time fraud management tools such as Visa VRM.
  24. Performs other duties as assigned.


Education/Experience Requirements

Preferred Requirements

Employment with The Bancorp includes successfully passing a background check including credit, criminal, OFAC, education and past employment.


The Bancorp is an equal opportunity employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, status as a protected veteran, among other things, or status as a qualified individual with disability.

The Bancorp is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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