Start Your Career at The Bancorp Confidently

Kathleen Hayn, AVP, Communications Specialist | The Bancorp | 3/26/2021 10:50 AM

Last March, the COVID-19 pandemic changed almost every aspect of the way we live. For many, the world seemed to pause as we were tasked with developing what would become known as “the new normal.” Businesses quickly pivoted and developed a process to have their workforce move to a remote setting and after a year, there are still many working from home. In times like these, it seems overwhelming to make life changes, especially career moves, when uncertainty looms overhead. But just because the world seems to have stopped, it does not mean your career must stop with it. Here at The Bancorp, the team has hired and onboarded new employees who have fully integrated with their teams, even without the ability to meet them in person. If you’re considering a career change but apprehensive of starting your next venture remotely, it’s not as scary as you may think. Believe me, I went through the process myself.

When I applied for a role at The Bancorp, I knew it was a great opportunity but was apprehensive of what to expect from interviewing in a remote setting. The usual uncertainty of making a career change was amplified by the state of the world. Luckily, my doubts were quickly assuaged during my first round of interviews with The Bancorp’s Marketing team, conducted through video calls. It’s daunting to meet new people for the first time through a screen, but surprisingly, I found the process to be less stressful than waiting in a conference room for the next person to interview you. After a few rounds of interviews, I was thrilled to be offered the position and my fears of applying seemed silly in hindsight.

Next came the onboarding process and I was impressed by how communicative everyone involved was with making sure all questions were answered. I was kept up-to-date on when I should expect equipment from IT and worked closely with Human Resources to ensure all paperwork was completed. On my start date, I was trained remotely with other new hires from various departments. The process was thorough as we learned about The Bancorp and its business lines, as well as the company’s culture and strategic goals. We were also given training courses that we were to complete remotely, which helped engrain what we learned throughout the day. Over the next week, I trained with my direct team to learn their processes and how I would interact with my new colleagues on a day-to-day basis.

Fast-forward to today, I’ve now been an employee at The Bancorp for six months and I’m grateful I overcame my fears of switching companies in the middle of a pandemic. In a short period of time, I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow from my team and so many other colleagues that it’s baffling to think I have yet to meet any of them in person. As COVID-19 vaccines roll out, we are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and hopefully the “new normal” will feel more normal. But if you are ready to grow your career now, don’t let the apprehension of starting a new job remotely hold you back. Taking that next step is not as scary as you might think.

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